Academic Calendar

A Perfect Recipe For Success

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (CSCA) offers four unique programs that allow you to choose the tract best suited to your goals. We offer culinary and pastry arts training programs that begin every September, January, and May. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CSCA has helped thousands of students pursue their culinary education within our kitchens and watched them grow into successful chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary professionals in Greater Boston and beyond.


  • Four unique programs allow you to choose the tract best suited to your goals
  • A unique combination of lectures, hands-on lab instruction, and seminars provide an intense culinary education in a condensed time frame
  • Event participation in CSCA recreational classes and the local culinary community offers additional opportunity to learn from our instructors and work with top chefs and restaurateurs
  • Lifelong placement services provide career guidance and support for all graduates within our expansive and ever growing CSCA network.


Academics Schedules

Schedule Advantages

Flexible scheduling is a unique feature of the Culinary Certificate Program and Professional Chef’s Program and allows students to work while attending school. Many students set up residence in Cambridge and neighboring cities, while others take advantage of flexible scheduling to commute to and from their home base. Many students maintain employment during non-school hours, helping to offset the cost of education.

Students may elect from day and evening laboratory classes to formulate a schedule that best suits their needs. Morning classes begin at 8:30 am and evening classes begin at 4:30 pm. Each class is designed to last eight hours. Lab class times vary by semester. Students must elect an evening lecture schedule from either Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Lectures begin at 6:00 pm.

The professional program mandates two lab classes and one evening seminar per week. The school does not offer part-time status.

January 2020


Culinary Certificate Program
& Professional Chef’s Program

Lab I
Tuesday 8:30am

Lab II
Wednesday 8:30am

Tuesday or Wednesday 6:00pm

Certificate Pastry Program
& Professional Pastry Program

Labs I & 2
Monday and Tuesday 8:30am

Tuesday or Wednesday 6:00pm

January Certificate Programs:
Orientation: January 16, 2020
Classes Begin: January 20, 2020
Classes End: May 9, 2020
Graduation: June 25, 2020

January Professional Programs
Orientation: January 16, 2020
Classes Begin: January 20, 2020
Break Begins: June 22, 2020
Classes Resume: September 14, 2020
Break Begins: December 21, 2020
Classes Resume: January 4, 2021
Classes End: January 16, 2021
Graduation: January 28, 2021

May Certificate Programs:
Orientation: April 23, 2020
Classes Begin: April 27, 2020
Break Begins: June 29, 2020
Classes Resume: July 6, 2020
Classes End: August 22, 2020
Graduation: August 27, 2020