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Job Title: Multi-Cuisine Chef (Food Truck & Catering) at Gourmet Kreyol

Company Overview: Hello and welcome to Gourmet Kreyol! We’re a culinary haven that takes immense pride in blending the rich flavors of Haitian tradition with global influences. Currently, we’re in search of a Multi-Cuisine Chef to add variety and diversity to our catered offerings. If you’re a seasoned culinary professional who can skillfully prepare dishes from various ethnic cuisines in large quantities, we invite you to be a part of our team.

Job Summary: Are you passionate about creating a diverse culinary experience that transcends borders? Gourmet Kreyol is seeking a Multi-Cuisine Chef who can lead our kitchen team to prepare exceptional dishes that showcase the fusion of global tastes while honoring our Haitian roots. As a culinary leader, you’ll be responsible for curating menus for our catering services.


Culinary Diversity:
Create menus that appeal to a wide range of palates.
Display your expertise in crafting a variety of international specialties.
Proficiency in Large-Scale Culinary Production:
Take charge of planning and executing menus for events of varying sizes, ensuring consistent quality and taste.
Menu Innovation:
Collaborate closely with our culinary team to design menus that seamlessly integrate the essence of Haitian cuisine with international influences.
Accommodate dietary preferences and requirements.
Leadership and Team Management:
Lead our kitchen team by example, fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity.
Share your culinary expertise and mentor team members to enhance their skills.
Quality Assurance:
Uphold unwavering standards of taste, presentation, and hygiene across all culinary offerings.
Conduct routine quality checks and promptly address any deviations to ensure consistently exceptional food.
Oversee the culinary aspect of production, ensuring smooth food preparation and storage.


Proven culinary expertise with a track record as a Chef in diverse culinary settings.
Demonstrated ability to manage large-scale food production while maintaining high standards of taste and presentation.
In-depth understanding of various cuisines and the skill to blend it seamlessly with Haitian flavors.
Proficiency in creating menus that cater to diverse preferences, considering cultural and dietary considerations.
Strong leadership skills to guide and motivate the culinary team, cultivating a collaborative and innovative environment.
Exceptional organizational skills to manage large-scale food production while upholding meticulous attention to detail.
Knowledge of food safety and hygiene protocols is essential.

Join Gourmet Kreyol as our Multi-Cuisine Chef and play a pivotal role in creating a culinary journey that embraces diversity and exquisite flavors. If you’re prepared to infuse every dish with international flair and lead a team that shares your passion, we encourage you to apply now and be part of our culinary adventure.

Full Time Position

Starting Pay: $22-$30 depending on experience

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