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POSITION TITLE: Food Service Worker/Cook


Under the direction and supervision of the Director of Food Services, the Cook/Catering Chef is responsible for much of the special events/catering preparation for the school while following kosher dietary laws. This position also assists in other areas such as cold food prep, cleaning, school servery, and customer service. Major areas of responsibility include lunch & catering preparation, assisting with servery lunch, cleaning, assisting with washing pots/pans, customer service, receiving and putting away deliveries, assisting with and/or performing display cooking and demos, following allergy awareness policy and adhere to kosher dietary laws.


Gann Academy is committed to building an inclusive workplace culture where talented people of widely diverse backgrounds can thrive. We believe the inclusion of diverse perspectives will improve our work and produce better societal and learning outcomes for all. All employees participate in this commitment whether internally, in building a welcoming workplace culture, and /or externally, in ensuring inclusive engagement with families, donors, media, vendors, allies, and others.

Primary Objectives

Work with existing menus and develop new menus and recipes that are appealing, nutritious, and cost-effective.
Assist in developing a healthy initiative plan. Help promote healthy eating through displays, healthy meals, and communicating healthy food preparation practices to our students and staff.
Specific Responsibilities

Prepare certain items for catering events such as fruit trays, vegetable trays, dips, and cookies/pastries, and help with set up when requested by Director.
Assist with servery lunch following the guidelines of the Director and the established menu; menu items should not be omitted or substituted without permission from the Director; avoid using excessive fats, oils, salt, sugar, or spices.
Assist with the washing of pots and pans used in hot food prep and at other times when another staff is unavailable.
Keep work areas clean and sanitized; maintain cleanliness throughout the kitchen area including refrigerators, freezers, preparation areas, and storage areas.
Serve customers in servery when time allows, including serving hot food, answering questions, retrieving needed items, and operating the cash register.
Receive and help put away deliveries; check orders for quality, missing items, and substitutions; check for kosher symbols on new items; put items away in appropriate places.
Assist Director and/or perform display cooking and demos when requested including an omelet bar, pasta bar, smoothies, and other items prepared in front of customers.
Always follow allergy awareness policy; adhere to all rules designed to protect students and staff with food allergies and sensitivities; be knowledgeable about all ingredients in menu items and food products and be ready to advise customers; follow all safe food handling practices to prevent cross-contact of allergens.
Adhere to all kosher dietary laws; Do not bring non-kosher food or any meat into the kitchen; only use food products and cooking tools/knives supplied by Gann.
Be aware of all daily activities of the food service department; review information posted in the kitchen area about all upcoming functions, watch for any special events happening in the dining hall including cooking demos, and be aware of anything brought to your attention by the Director or school administration.
Work extra hours (including evenings and weekends as needed) to cover functions and other school activities involving food service when requested by the Director.
Work with the Director of Food Services to learn and develop skills involving ordering food, menu planning, developing recipes, and budgeting.
As this position evolves, we will be looking for the Assistant Director of Food Services to explore and take on new educational opportunities.
As the position evolves, we will be looking for the Assistant Director of Food Services to explore and take on food-related opportunities relating to Shabbat and the other Jewish Holidays.
The above responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to do this job. The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required.


Five years of experience as a cook; school experience is a plus.
Demonstrated ability to produce safe, appealing meals on time and within established guidelines.
Ability to work with a wide range of people—students, parents, faculty, staff, and vendors.
Excellent customer service skills
Hold and maintain valid ServeSafe certification.
Knowledge of quality food production and serving techniques, food safety/sanitation requirements, and procedures.
Knowledgeable about food allergies and practices to prevent cross-contact.
Experience in a kosher kitchen is a plus.

Must be proficient in English to carry out work as assigned.

All Food Services workers report directly to the Director of Food Services, but the Assistant Director of Food Services will oversee, manage, and direct workers’ day-to-day responsibilities.

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