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Will be responsible for providing nutritious, tasty, filling, and economical meals for troupers and staff (75 – 100 people) during the rehearsal period and while out on tour June-August 2022. Oversees cook staff.

(Majority of duties, but not meant to be all-inclusive nor prevent other duties from being assigned as necessary.)

  • Evaluate kitchen, food preparation equipment, and any other food related touring needs for the coming year, and plan for equipment purchases and repairs prior to start of tour.
  • Establish contact with food distributors and work with Tour Operations & Concessions Manager and/or Business Manager to arrange payment methods. Order food and supplies and arrange for setup drop off points along tour route.
  • Work with Tour General Manager and Tour Operations & Concessions Manager to keep food and kitchen purchases within budget.
  • Work with Tour General Manager to determine kitchen movement schedule, weekly menus, scheduling of meals to coordinate with Trouper and various staff departmental schedules.
  • Assist Tour General Manager in hiring of cook crew. Train and organize cook crew prior to start of tour. Establish work schedule for cook crew along with rotating days off. Oversee cook crew performance throughout the tour. Maintain positive cook crew morale. Provide written evaluations for crew at end of the tour.
  • Responsible for set-up and tear-down of kitchen facility, dining area and dish washing station. Rig all for safe transport.
  • Prepare menus for all meals to meet all dietary restrictions and special needs with the assistance of the Tour Administrative Manager, Head Trouper Counselor and Tour General Manager.
  • Adhere to all State and Local Board of Health Standards and codes for proper food handling, serving and storing. Be available to meet with inspectors as needed.
    Oversee preparation of three meals per day, morning and afternoon snacks and late night meals associated with tent setup and takedowns.
  • Coordinate with Tour General Manager and Head Trouper Counselor any meals for crew and cast on days of travel.
  • Maintain a clean safe kitchen, dining and service area. Provide an attractive presentation for all meals.
  • Assist in the set-up and tear down of back lot at the discretion of the Tour General Manager. Duties may include but are not limited to: Setting and leveling bunkhouses, running hoses and electrical cords, setting up dishwashing station, setting up picnic tables and dining tent
  • Drive company vehicle.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Full details here: https://www.appone.com/maininforeq.asp?Ad=&R_ID=4359207&Refer=https://www.smirkus.org/&B_ID=91

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