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This 11-part course will walk you through how to create the two main types of Italian pasta. How to prepare that pasta and how to pair it with the perfect sauce. With these skills you’ll be able to create countless dishes and impress your friends and family!

  • Learn how to make egg based pasta dough
  • Learn how to make semolina pasta dough
  • Learn both stuffed and hand cut Pasta techniques
  • Learn a variety of sauces and cooking techniques


In this online course you will learn how to make the world’s best apple pie, how to make a Pate Brisee and a Pate Sucree crust, and how to make beautiful tarts.

  • Master Two Types of Crust: Pate Brisee, Pate Sucree
  • The Perfect Apple Pie: crust, filling and baking
  • The Tastiest of Tarts (Fruit and Pastry Cream): crust, filling, finishing

Our Academy Chef Instructors

Chef Jerrod Perry
Director of Recreational Programs and Events

After teaching culinary arts in our Recreational department since 2014, Chef Jerrod Perry has since been promoted to Director of Recreational Programs and Events. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu classic French culinary arts school, Chef Jerrod worked as an Executive Chef, Head Pastry Chef, and owned a private catering business in Hawaii for over 7 years before moving to Cambridge to explore his passion for culinary education. Chef Jerrod oversees all recreational classes and private events at CSCA, and acts as head chef for external events, working with students from our Professional Programs. He always welcomes requests for specific classes, private event inquiries, and recommendations of any type.

“When I look out at a dining table and see guests eating, smiling, drinking, sharing the food I’ve created … I realize the food is the catalyst. It brings us together. And if it’s seasoned just right, walls come down and glasses raise.”

Chef Simone Montali
Academic supervisor & Chef Instructor

Chef Simone Montali worked in his hometown of Florence, Italy at a bakery and then in high-end catering for four years before jetting off to attend CSCA. Chef Simone achieved Valedictorian status of both the Professional Chef’s Program in 2012 and the Professional Pastry Program in 2013. He then went on to work with Acardi Foods, one of the largest Italian and specialty food distributors in New England, and as the Pastry Chef at Bistro 5. Chef Simone oversees the academics of our professional programs, teaches in both pastry and culinary arts and is a most-requested instructor in our recreational programs.

“I have always loved the more intellectual element of food, and I find that the pastry arts are very satisfactory in this respect. At first glance, you start with a complicated set of rules, but once you develop a deeper understanding of what lays behind these rules, you can enhance and perfect your craft with exquisite treats that both follow and break traditional guidelines.”