Flavors of the Mediterranean

Flavors of the Mediterranean

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A Taste of the Mediterranean Without the Jet Lag!

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As the people of the Mediterranean discovered long ago, fresh ingredients, simply prepared with olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices, are perfect for sharing around a table with family and friends. Rooted in ancient traditions, and spanning 21 countries, the Mediterranean way of eating largely includes plant-based foods – vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts, healthy grains, fish, olive oil, small amounts of meat and dairy, and red wine. Travel along the Mediterranean coast, basing your journey in some of the major historical trading cities, and explore the cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and ingredients appearing along the way.

Week 1 – Thessaloniki and the glories of Greece: Thessaloniki is a paradise for foodies, best known for quality, variety, and the mixing of traditional recipes with modern trends. This cuisine is characterized by the use of feta, olives, and honey, as well as spices such as oregano, mint, dill, and thyme.

Week 2 – Naples, Palermo and the South of Italy: The foundation in the history of Italian cooking. Southern Italian cuisine is filled with bold flavors showcased by tomatoes, olive oil, and plenty of fresh herbs.

Week 3 – Marseilles, Barcelona, Seville (The French and Spanish Mediterranean coasts): A healthy yet flavorful menu flows through the coast. Tastes of fresh seafood, garlic, legumes, herbs, and vegetables unite these regions.

Week 4 – Algiers and the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia): These regions offer a rich cuisine filled with semolina breads, couscous, and meat seasoned with a distinctive mixture of spices.

Week 5 – Beirut, Damascus, and Jerusalem – The Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Israel):Levantine cuisine is filled with fresh herbs and spices like cumin, turmeric, and cardamom, as well as a variety of nuts and beans. Popular dishes include hummus, falafel, and shawarma, but there is so much more this region has to offer.

Week 6 – Constantinople and the Sultan’s Kitchens (Istanbul, Turkey): A rich history has given this region its well-deserved reputation as a leader in simple foods with bold flavor.

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