CSCA Alumni Success Stories

Don’t take It From us…Here’s what our Alum Have to Say.

Chef Leigh Whittaker
Professional Chefs Program, 2021

Chef Jason Jernigan
Pro Chefs Program, 2018 & Pro Pastry Program, 2023

Chef Jamie Brause
Professional Chefs Program, 2021

Chef Alicia Charolle
Professional Chefs Program, 2021


An Invaluable Experience

“Attending CSCA has been the best thing I’ve ever done professionally. It was a great learning experience, but I’ve also formed friendships and made connections that have been invaluable. I felt challenged every day at CSCA, but those challenging moments really set me up for success in my career. I love what I do and I feel very fortunate to call myself an alumni.”
– Sherry Hughes, PCP 2015, Chef/Food Service Manager, Women’s Lunch Place, Chopped Contestant

Chef Mary Ting Hyatt, Bagelsaurus
Professional Chefs Program, 2008

“CSCA offered me the foundations and techniques I needed to cook with confidence, and the space and opportunity to experiment.”

Mary dove straight into a thriving culinary career after graduating from the Professional Chef’s Program. She worked the line under Chef Barry Maiden at Hungry Mother and interned with the talented team at America’s Test Kitchen before taking a Pastry Cook position at Clear Flour Bread. Following this role, Mary worked at Cutty’s in Brookline for over three years, where her strong relationship with owners Charles and Rachel Kelsey allowed her the space and support to launch Bagelsaurus as a weekly pop-up out of their shop. She has since converted the pop up into a successful brick and mortar bakery just down the street from CSCA.

Chef Marcos Sanchez, Gray’s Hall
Professional Chefs Program, 2005

“CSCA gave me a classical foundation preparing me for all the challenges I’ve faced. Encompassing an intensive training in traditional Italian cooking, French Cuisine, and Modern Technique has been key.”

Marcos traveled from California to attend CSCA. Following graduation, he began teaching in our Recreational Programs and working as a Sous Chef at Restaurant Dante. In 2011, Marcos opened Tres Gatos as the Executive Chef. In 2015, he joined Somerville’s Tasting Counter as Chef de Cuisine. He is now the Chef at Gray’s Hall in South Boston.

Chef Heidi Anderson, Appleblossom Catering
Professional Chefs Program, 2019

“What sets CSCA apart from everyone else are the instructors. They each come from such masterful and diverse backgrounds and genuinely want you to succeed. They are devoted to their students and that’s why the minute I set foot in the building, I never wanted to leave.”

After a fruitful career as an opera singer and music teacher, Heidi reinvented herself through the world of cooking. She graduated valedictorian from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in the Professional Chef’s Program in 2019 and has been working as a Chef Instructor ever since, at CSCA and at a local High School. She is also the Chef Owner of Apple Blossom Catering and is a Personal Chef.

Other Alumni Reviews

“This is the beginning of a future you may not have mapped out yet, the knowledge and abilities are useful in many professional arenas within the culinary world.”

— Dawn Barrowman, PPP 2017

“After my meeting with the admissions counselor, I was even more convinced that CSCA was the right choice for me, and I am so thankful that I took the leap and attended the school that helped me launch my dream career.”

— Elliana Arons Marks, PPP 2016, Owner/Head Baker at Belliful

“Learning and developing your skills at a warm, hospitable environment such as CSCA really teaches you the importance of treating guests and team members as real people in your home.”

– Remi Williams, PCP 2010

“I first took a recreational class and was hooked. 14 classes later, I found out about the professional programs and decided to take the plunge. Whether you want to learn basic skills or become a master chef, this is the place to start your journey.”

— Deborah Moed, PPP 2017, Pastry Assistant at CSCA

“I chose CSCA because it welcomed older students, because it fit my schedule (day job, night classes), and because it gave a solid grounding in techniques and cuisines from around the world.”

– Emma Christensen, PCP 2008, Managing Editor at Simply Recipes

“I had a great time at CSCA. While it was rigorous and challenging, the staff and fellow students were all supportive, but at the same time drove you to be more inquisitive and creative. I met so many long-time friends and now colleagues.”

— Candy Murphy, PCP 2012, Corporate Executive Chef

“I already had a lot of cooking experience and knew how to do many things when I applied to CSCA, but learning the why and hammering home the basics and vocabulary really helped my career.”

– Greg Reeves, PCP 2003, Chef/Owner Viale

“Grab any chance to learn. Learn photography and food styling, practice writing, read anything food related, travel far and wide, and always be ready to eat new things.”

– Tzu-I Chuang Mullinax, PCP 2007, TV Personality/Author