Single Day Cooking Classes

The cooking classes offered by CSCA aim to provide a distinctive experience that combines education, enjoyment, and delectable cuisine. Under the guidance of our skilled Chef Instructors, you will have the opportunity to cook in our professional kitchens, acquiring valuable tips, tricks, and techniques. Collaborating with your fellow classmates, you will successfully prepare an exceptional menu. Finally, at the conclusion of the class, everyone will gather to savor the delicious meal that you have collectively crafted.  In our baking-focused classes, rather than a sit down meal, you will leave carrying bundles of all the goodies you have created.

CSCA Workshops & Favorites

Tried and True! our most popular offerings are the best in Greater Boston. Each one focuses on a single concept for those wishing to master a specific skill or medium. Classes range from sweet to savory, encompassing regional techniques and recipes; the variety is limitless.

Favorites Include: Knife Skills

dessert chef courses

Advanced Pastry Classes

These CSCA pastry classes are designed for students with all levels of experiences. Join us for hands-on instruction on constructing elaborate cakes and desserts, molding chocolate, and perfecting the art of the French Macaron.

Seasonal Classes

From roasting the perfect turkey, to mastering holiday cookies, our chef instructors help you plan-ahead with seasonally appropriate recipes that can be easily produced at your next family gathering, giving you more time to enjoy with your loved ones.

With a Splash of Wine

For those who enjoy discovering new wines and are eager to increase their wine IQ, CSCA offers classes that emphasize pairings and wine education in addition to hands-on cooking. from production, to grape varietals, to tips for storing, tasting, and reading the label.