Techniques of Baking

Novices and baking wizards alike will benefit from hands-on instruction on baking techniques from breads to cakes, to cream puffs, pie crusts and more in these multi-day baking classes.

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Techniques of Baking I – 4 Week Series

If you think baking is too precise or difficult, this class will transform you! Learn the basic techniques of yeast breads and delicious, yet simple cakes. Impress friends and family with scrumptious cream puffs, breads, pie crusts, and cakes.

Week 1 – Pâte à Choux: Discover the art of making pâte à choux, also known as cream puff paste. You will prepare and sample dishes such as assorted savory gougère, cream puffs, Éclairs, and show-stopping cream puff swans!

Week 2 – Pies and Tarts: Explore the fundamentals of making the perfect pâte brisée (pie crust). You’ll make the dough from scratch, learn how to roll it out, and use it in various recipes like frangipane fruit tarts, praline sweet potato pie, and cranberry crumb pie.

Week 3 – Breads: Work with yeast doughs, rich doughs, and batter doughs from start to finish. Learn how to knead, shape, and bake focaccia, rosemary garlic bread, maple-pecan sticky buns, and classic French bread.

Week 4 – Cakes: The next birthday cake is on you! Learn the techniques and recipes for butter cakes like rich flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake, and develop some simple decorating techniques utilizing an array of different buttercream, ganache, and simple glazes.

bakery classes boston

Techniques of Baking II – 4 Week Series

Now that you’ve gained knowledge and mastered the skills from Techniques of Baking, let us take you further. Impress your friends and family with light cakes, flaky puff pastry, sweet meringues, and the most decadent chocolate desserts and luscious dessert sauces.

Week 1 – Puff Pastry: Learn how to fold butter into flaky pastry dough that serves as a base for tons of sweet and savory dishes. Focusing on the classic French method for making and handling puff pastry, you’ll learn the classic recipe and techniques and the method for making a “quick puff.” With these bases made, you’ll create sweet and savory treats like Palmiers, Napoleons, and turnovers.

Week 2 – Meringues: Let’s start whipping your skills into shape. You’ll be amazed at how many incredible recipes start with egg whites. Explore the possibilities with recipes like Italian meringue buttercream, Bavarian cream, and French dacquoise.

Week 3 – Cakes II: We love a good butter cake, but these light-as-air sponge cakes will transport you right into a European bakery. Learn to make classic sponge cake, ladyfingers, and the French classic Génoise. You’ll also make an array of buttercreams and ganache, focusing on artful assembly and presentation.

Week 4 – Chocolate: Chocolate lovers rejoice! It’s time to learn a bit about the rich history of chocolate, discover great sources for buying chocolate, and develop proper tempering techniques. You’ll wrap up the series by making some truly decadent desserts like chocolate soufflés and truffles.

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