Launch Your Culinary Future

For nearly 50 years, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (CSCA) has fostered culinary passion and expertise in an intimate and nurturing environment. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the hub of the New England culinary scene, we have helped thousands of students pursue their culinary and pastry education within our kitchens. Our alumni continue to find great success as chefs and industry leaders across New England, the United States, and internationally. Today we offer you the opportunity to join the CSCA family and become a chef. Launch your culinary future.

professional chef training

Professional Chef’s Program

Develop and build upon the fundamentals of classic and modern culinary and pastry techniques, including advanced knife skills, history and culture of international cuisines, nutrition, wine, and food management during this intensive 37-week program. 

culinary certificate program

Culinary Certificate Program

The Culinary Certificate Program (CCP) introduces you to the art and science of cooking and baking. Learn the fundamentals, including advanced knife skills, food service safety, and food management during CSCA’s robust 16-week program.

pastry chef course

Professional Pastry Program

Develop and build upon the classic and modern techniques of pastry arts through advanced sugar work, chocolate molding, wedding cake design, and savory cooking techniques during this rigorous 37-week program. 

pastry chef certificate

Certificate Pastry Program

The Certificate Pastry Program (CPP) teaches you core classic pastry techniques, theory, and applications of creating, decorating, and serving professional pastries and breads during this concentrated 16-week program.


An Invaluable Experience

“Attending CSCA has been the best thing I’ve ever done professionally. It was a great learning experience, but I’ve also formed friendships and made connections that have been invaluable. I felt challenged every day at CSCA, but those challenging moments really set me up for success in my career. I love what I do and I feel very fortunate to call myself an alumni.”
– Sherry Hughes, PCP 2015, Chef/Food Service Manager, Community Servings, Chopped Contestant

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Frequently Asked Questions

How large are the classes?
CSCA is proud to provide a low student to instructor ratio to optimize learning potential. Class size is limited to 12 students per instructor.

How many hours a week am I in class?
All programs meet for 19 hours per week: 8 hours per lab class and 3 hours per seminar. Many students continue to work full or part time while in school.

How long are the programs?

  • The Professional Chef’s Program is 37 weeks long or 744 clock hours.
  • The Professional Pastry Program is 37 weeks long or 744 clock hours.
  • The Culinary Certificate Program is 16 weeks long or 326 clock hours.
  • The Certificate Pastry Program is 16 weeks long or 326 clock hours.

What is the class schedule?
Lab class times vary by semester and are listed on our Academics Page. Students must elect a lab schedule from the available options each semester and an evening lecture schedule from either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

Please Note: All day (AM) lab classes are 8:30am-4:30pm and all evening (PM) lab classes are 4:30pm-12:30am.
All seminars are held in the evening (PM) 6:00pm-9:00pm.

What degree will I receive?
With successful completion of the Culinary Certificate Program, students earn a Certificate of Completion
With successful completion of the Certificate Pastry Program, students earn a Certificate of Completion
With successful completion of the Professional Chef’s Program, students earn a Culinary Arts diploma
With successful completion of the Professional Pastry Program, students earn a Pastry Arts diploma

Can I get a student loan to help pay for classes?
CSCA is not a Title IV school and not eligible for federally subsidized loans. Students should contact our admissions office for information about payment plans and assistance.

Is the tuition due in full before I start school?
Tuition can be paid in full, half, or on a quarterly basis. Tuition costs can be found HERE.

Does Cambridge School of Culinary Arts offer scholarships?
We do not offer any at this time, but there are culinary certificate scholarships from outside organizations that we are happy to refer.

Am I required to live on campus?
CSCA does not provide student housing. There are plentiful apartments and housing options available in the area.

Will I receive job placement assistance during or after school?
CSCA posts job opportunities on a private portal for current students and alumni. Students may set up appointments to discuss job aspirations, resume building, stage opportunities, and more with our Manager of Admissions and Student Life.

What type of job can I expect when I graduate?
Upon graduation, you will be prepared for positions such as a line cook, sous chef, caterer, personal chef, CSCA recreational instructor, and more. Many students go on to quickly launch successful ventures of their own including restaurants, food delivery services, and specialty food shops.

This school is licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure’s Office of Private Occupational School Education. Any comments, questions, or concerns about this school’s license should be directed to or 617-727-5811, dial “0.”