How to Decorate Cakes with Fondant

Are you a Cake Decorating Pro? First Timer? Ready to Try Fondant?

Check out our top tips and come in for our new Cake Decorating with Fondant Workshop or stick with buttercream in a Cake Decorating 101 Workshop.

When in Doubt, Hands Off!
The less you handle the fondant you’re sculpting, the better for the look of a cake (and your overall stress level!). Sometimes the best thing you can do is back away, take a look, and recognize that your final result is really quite perfect.

Show Them How You Roll
Rolling fondant is a skill of its own – you need to work quickly, yet precisely. You should not sacrifice one for the other or you’ll wind up with rips and air bubbles. Mechanically, it’s akin to rolling out pie dough, but the result should be thinner.

Practice (and Patience!) Makes Perfect
Fondant is tricky to work with, and it can be frustrating when you don’t get the result you want right away. We’ve found that when working with fondant, it helps to take a deep breath and keep at it. Balancing precision and speed is difficult, so do it often and in time, it will get easier – we promise!

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