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Cook Your Way to a Tastier Life 

Whether you are a novice looking to gain confidence in the kitchen, a total cooking whiz looking to add to your repertoire, a couple or group of friends seeking an alternative fun night out, or looking for the perfect gift for your favorite foodie, we have something here for you! Our chef instructors take pride in sharing their knowledge and expertise with students at all levels of proficiency in our intimate, hands-on environment. Our kitchens are professionally equipped, but you will leave understanding how to adapt every recipe for your home kitchen. Learn about our most popular offerings and peruse our offerings to find the class you’ll most love. Visit our Class Calendar to sign up for upcoming classes and check back – we update this calendar all the time.

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Teen Workshops over School Breaks

During the summer months and school vacations, CSCA hosts classes for teens, tweens, and in-betweens ages 8 – 17. We introduce our budding culinarians to basic kitchen concepts like food safety, knife skills, and proper cooking and baking techniques. Those who continue along our techniques series tracks will learn more intricate methods and recipes, developing truly impressive skills.

We’re offering teen classes for February Break and April Break on the weeks of February 19 and April 16, and all summer long!

Techniques Series

Break down the barriers of home cooking and baking from fridge to table. Novices and culinary wizards alike will benefit from hands-on instruction on cooking and baking basics like knife skills, cooking techniques, and creating bakery-worthy pastries.

Techniques of Cooking I
This series is designed to teach the novice home chef and budding culinarian the essentials for everyday cooking and entertaining. You will also learn proper food handling, food safety, and basic knife skills that will elevate your cooking ability to the next level.

Week 1 – Knife Skills
Week 2 – Eggs
Week 3 – Soups and Stocks
Week 4 – Dry Heat Cooking
Week 5 – Moist Heat Cooking
Week 6 – Master Sauces

Techniques of Cooking II
After mastering some impressive skills and techniques in Techniques of Cooking I, you will want to take your abilities to the next level. Learn additional techniques for preparing vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, and pasta; and make it all come together in a complete meal sure to wow even the pickiest dinner guests.

Week 1 – Vegetables, Grains, and Beans
Week 2 – Poultry
Week 3 -Meat
Week 4 – Fish
Week 5 – Pasta
Week 6 – Company’s Coming

Techniques of Baking I
If you think baking is too precise or difficult, this class will transform you! Learn the basic techniques of yeast breads and delicious, yet simple cakes. Impress friends and family with scrumptious cream puffs, breads, pie crusts, and cakes.

Week 1 – Pâte à Choux
Week 2 – Pies and Tarts
Week 3 – Breads
Week 4 – Cakes

Techniques of Baking II
Now that you’ve gained knowledge and mastered the skills from Techniques of Baking I, let us take you further. Impress your friends and family with light cakes, flaky puff pastry, sweet meringues, and the most decadent chocolate desserts and luscious dessert sauces.

You’re encouraged to complete Techniques of Baking I before this course to maximize your understanding and enjoyment.

Week 1 – Puff Pastry
Week 2 – Meringues
Week 3 – Cakes II
Week 4 – Chocolate

Regional Series

Each immersive six-week regional series is designed to bring the best of a region’s cuisine to our kitchens. Create entire meals utilizing regional ingredients, flavor profiles, and cooking methods. The locals would be proud!

Regions of Italy
Discover the beautiful land of Italy and the flavors and cuisines that define each region, traveling from north to south. Recipes highlight the dishes of each region, showcasing ingredients, cooking style, and ethnic influences comprising the local flavors. This CSCA series is a must-add, studying the intricacies of the world’s most iconic cuisines. Buon appetito!

Week 1 – Piedmont
Week 2 – Emilia Romagna
Week 3 – Tuscany
Week 4 – Rome
Week 5 – Campagna
Week 6 – Sicily

Regions of France
From its lush valleys to its majestic Alpine peaks and azure Riviera coastline, France possesses a wealth of regional cuisines, each enduring over centuries. Put aside haute cuisine and fine dining to study the simple pleasures of the delicious and approachable French food you’ll find in homes and bistros. Join us on this journey as we discover the rich cuisine of the bourgeois and peasant classes that typify French regional cooking. Bon appétit!

Week 1 – Normandy
Week 2 – Touraine
Week 3 – Burgundy
Week 4 – Dauphine and Savoy
Week 5 – Southwest of France
Week 6 – Provence

Regions of Asia
From the mountainous, spice-filled lands of western China to the extreme flavor profiles of tropical Thailand. Allow our chef to unravel some of the mystery behind some of the most prominent recipes and cooking techniques while discovering similarities and differences throughout the lands. Survey a different region each week and learn the essential techniques and subtle flavor secrets that make these each specific cuisine so appealing. Explore and demystify the ingredients critical to the Asian pantry including the vast types of noodles, condiments, and fermentables.

Week 1 – Western China/Sichuan/Xianjiang
Week 2 – China/Beijing/Tianjian
Week 3 – Japan
Week 4 – Thailand
Week 5 – Vietnam
Week 6 – Korea  

Flavors of the Mediterranean
As the people of the Mediterranean discovered long ago, fresh ingredients, simply prepared with olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices, are perfect for sharing around a table with family and friends. Rooted in ancient traditions, the Mediterranean way of eating largely includes plant-based foods – vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts, healthy grains, fish, olive oil, small amounts of meat and dairy, and red wine. Travel along the Mediterranean coast, basing your journey in some of the major historical trading cities, and explore the cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and ingredients appearing along the way.

Week 1 – Thessaloniki and Greater Greece
Week 2 – Naples and the Italian South
Week 3 – French and Spanish Mediterranean Coasts
Week 4 – Algiers and the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)
Week 5 – Damascus and the Levant (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria)
Week 6 – Istanbul and the Sultan’s Kitchens

Teen Classes

During the summer months and school vacations, CSCA hosts classes for teens, tweens, and in-betweens ages 8 – 17. We introduce our budding culinarians to basic kitchen concepts like food safety, knife skills, and proper cooking and baking techniques. Those who continue along our techniques series tracks will learn more intricate methods and recipes, developing truly impressive skills.

The Techniques of Cooking series cover the basics of general cookery from knife skills to complex cooking methods. The Techniques of Baking series cover pastry arts from breakfast croissants to elaborate desserts. Each of these series takes place within a one-week period.


Techniques of Cooking I for Teens

Day 1Knife Skills

Day 2 – Soups, Stocks, & Salads

Day 3 Moist Heat Cooking

Day 4 – Dry Heat Cooking

Day 5 – Saucing


Techniques of Cooking II for Teens

Students are encouraged to take Techniques of Cooking I for Teens before enrolling in this class.

Day 1 – Grilling

Day 2 – Brunch

Day 3 – Pasta

Day 4 – Comfort Foods

Day 5 – Around the World


Techniques of Baking I for Teens

Day 1 – Pâte à Choux

Day 2 – Pies and Tarts

Day 3 – Breads

Day 4 – Cakes

Day 5 – Doughnuts


Techniques of Baking II for Teens

Students are encouraged to take Techniques of Baking I for Teens before enrolling in this class.

Day 1 – Puff Pastry

Day 2 – Meringues

Day 3 – Cakes II

Day 4 – Introduction to Chocolate


Techniques of Baking III for Teens

 Students are encouraged to take Techniques of Baking I for Teens before enrolling in this class.


Day 1Cookies

Day 2Hand Pies

Day 3Chocolate

Day 4Birthday Cakes





The Teen Tours introduce future (and current) world travelers to the culinary wonders across the globe, bringing the best of each region to the CSCA kitchens. Each of these series takes place within a one-week period.


Teen Tour of Spain

Spanish flavors are bold and delicious with recipes deeply rooted in tradition. Teens will learn the recipes and cooking techniques that will have them asking for more, por favor!

Day 1Galicia and the Northwest
Day 2
Madrid and the Central Plains
Day 3
Day 4
Valencia and the Mediterranean Coast
Day 5


Teen Tour of Italy

There is so much more to Italian cuisine than spaghetti with meatballs! Classes will feature easy to prepare, quick, nutritious, and authentic dishes.

Day 1Piedmont

Day 2Emilia Romagna
Day 3
Day 4

Day 5Tuscany



Teen Tour of Asia

From lemongrass to galangal, common ingredients from Asia can seem totally exotic. We make it easy and approachable in this whirlwind tour!

Day 1China

Day 2Thailand
Day 3
Day 4

Day 5 – Korea






Bake Shop Basics for Teens

This shorter series prepares future bakery owners with the most prominent treats like muffins, scones, rich breads, and croissants.

Day 1 – Quick Breads

Day 2 – Yeast Breads

Day 3 – Viennese Pastry

Bake Shop Basics for Pre-teens (8 to 12-year-olds)

For younger siblings longing to keep up with their teenage brothers and sisters, this series provides their chance to practice baking and decorating techniques in small, intimate classes.

Day 1 – Muffins and Cookies

Day 2 – Pies

Day 3 – Cupcakes

Pastry with Master Chef Delphin Gomes

These CSCA pastry classes are designed and taught by New England’s only French Master Pastry Chef for students with all levels of experiences. With nearly 50 years of professional experience, Chef Delphin Gomes is the finest pastry instructor you can find. Join Chef Delphin for hands-on instruction on rolling flaky croissants, molding chocolate, and perfecting the French macaron.

French Macarons
Did you know that French Macarons have feet? Chef Delphin will teach you everything you need to know about making French Macarons, and will guide you through the entire baking and filling process. Just imagine how you’ll impress! Create a traditional assortment of almond macarons with various fillings featuring passion fruit, coffee, and ganache. Sign up quickly – this is always one of our most popular classes.

Le Grand Classic – Opéra Gateau & Sachertorte
Master two of the most famous and decadent cakes from France and Vienna. Opéra gâteau is an elaborate almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream, and topped with chocolate icing. Sachertorte is a classic Viennese cake composed of two dense chocolate cakes separated by a thin layer of apricot jam, and enveloped in dark chocolate icing, traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream. Make the cake, cream fillings, ganache, chocolate glazes, and syrups to learn the art of creating an elegant and decadent dessert from start to finish.

Classic French Confections
Why purchase what you can make from scratch? Chef Delphin will teach you how to make some of the most popular French confections using staples like Gianduja, a nut-based chocolate spread, and almond-based marzipan, which you will make from scratch. Make delicious pralines, nougat, soft caramels, and the elusive Calisson, a marzipan-based sweet that just may be the new French Macaron.

Morning Pastry (Two-Part Workshop)
Want to create the breakfast pastry that will be the talk of the office? Chef Delphin will demonstrate the endless possibilities offered by croissant, brioche, and puff pastry dough. Learn to make an array of fillings and discover the proper freezing and proofing methods needed to effortlessly produce these items.

Petits Fours (Two-Part Workshop)
Whether you bake for fun or professionally, these bite-sized masterpieces will become the showpieces of your dessert repertoire! Chef Delphin demonstrates all the decorating tips and techniques needed to create stunning Petits Fours. Practice assembly, presentation, and artistry of traditional and contemporary Petits Fours.

The Art of Sugar (Two-Part Workshop)
Learn the techniques of pulling sugar and blowing sugar as you create an artistic showpiece. Following Chef Delphin’s easy recipes and time-honored techniques, learn the art of creating birds, fruits, and flowers from sugar. He will guide you through the steps as you produce your own decorative arrangements for showpieces or for cakes.

Watch Your “Temper” Chocolate (Three-Part Workshop)
Have you ever wondered how to make those delectable chocolate designs as seen in food magazines and on the Food Network? Dreamed of visiting a chocolate factory? Join Chef Delphin for some Willy Wonka-worthy pure chocolate imagination. Learn tempering methods, form chocolate roses, and make the finest molded chocolates you’ve ever had.

CSCA Workshops & Favorites

Tried and True! These classes and workshops are our most popular offerings. Each one focuses on a single concept for those wishing to master a specific skill or medium. Classes range from sweet to savory, encompassing regional techniques and recipes; the variety is limitless.

Knife Skills
Time to slice and dice your way to culinary wizardry. Learn how to select and sharpen knives, practice a variety of cuts, and work with uniquely shaped vegetables. You’ll mince, julienne, brunoise, and “tourner” into a better cook in no time! As a bonus, our instructor will help turn your expertly cut vegetables into a delicious feast.

“Pastissima” (Pasta Making Class)
Who doesn’t love fresh pasta? Explore the fundamentals of pasta making, including rolling, cutting, filling, and pairing pasta shapes with sauces. Make dough from scratch, form pasta in many shapes, and cook up some bold and flavorful sauces to complete each dish. 

Pies & Tarts
No more waiting in long lines at the corner bakery for special occasion pies! Learn how to make the perfect crust and fillings from scratch, using pate brisée and pâte sablé doughs. Making an assortment of flavorful pies and tarts, learn about blind baking, assembly, and preparation techniques that will save you time and stress in the kitchen.

Gnocchi Workshop
Gnocchi (Italian for dumplings) is most recognized and prepared as a potato based favorite. Learn to make a variety of gnocchi using semolina flour, ricotta, and squash. From mini gnocchi sardi or gnocchetti (Southern Italy’s tiny pasta made with durum) to gnudi (delicious ricotta dumplings), you will make an assortment of phenomenal dishes.

Hole in One! Doughnuts
Do nut try this at home until you’ve taken this class. Learn to make classic cake and yeast doughnuts, as well as some favorites from around the world. Want to start your day with fresh apple cider doughnuts, jelly doughnuts, or zepolle? After taking this class, you’ll have all the skills (and desire!) to turn your kitchen into a doughnut-lover’s dream.

Dim Sum
Skip a trip to Chinatown, because after this class you will be able to make your favorite Chinese brunch spread at home. Dim Sum is China’s gastronomic version of small plates like Spanish tapas or Mediterranean mezze, and is typically served in small steamer baskets and small plates alongside tea. Learn to make some classic dim sum dishes like steamed spare ribs, Har Gau (shrimp dumplings), and rice rolls.

All You Knead (Basic Breads)
Learn the basic techniques of bread making from kneading to proofing to baking. Our instructor will review various flour types, yeasts, and natural starters. Discover everything you “knead” to know to make delicious grissini, and breads like challah, sticky buns, focaccia, and cinnamon raisin bread.

The Art of Grilling
Not just for summer cookouts! Go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs and discover the endless possibilities that are unique to grilling. Once you’ve mastered the techniques and flavors of grilling, you’ll love grilling year-round. Learn to control the heat, select the best tools, and make delicious dishes like lambchops, chilled cucumber soup with grilled shrimp, and grilled peaches and pound cake with mascarpone cream.

Whole Grain Baking (Two-Part Workshop)
Breads and pastries made with whole grains are not only more nutritious, but also taste great! Join us series to learn to incorporate a variety of whole grains and seeds into your baking. The first week highlights whole-grain yeast breads like flaxseed rolls, and oatmeal cinnamon swirl bread. The second week concentrates on quick breads, muffins, scones, and other pastries with recipes such as lemon flaxseed cake, millet muffins, and amaranth cookies.

Craving Chocolate?
Have you ever gazed through a window wishing you could make the incredible truffles and chocolate delights found in gourmet candy stores? Here is your chance! Learn how to make assorted truffles, rich chocolate soufflés, chocolate mousse, and more. 

American Classic Cakes
Some classic recipes never go out of fashion. Did you know German chocolate cake originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts by a man name Samuel German? Learn fun facts about, and more importantly, delicious recipes for our favorite all-American cakes like red velvet, devil’s food cake, and Boston cream pie.

Cooking Couples

Our Cooking Couples classes are designed to upgrade the classic dinner date to an interactive and educational cooking class. Introduce your significant other, new love interest, best pal, or family member to different cuisines and techniques of cooking. Together, prepare compelling recipes that you’ll enjoy with a beverage pairing. Perhaps even revel in the discovery of new culinary talent.

Cooking Couples Burgers and Beer
A CSCA favorite! Learn how to make a perfect classic burger and discover recipes for new and trendy burger creations. Review the process of choosing the beef, seasonings, and toppings; and make perfect crispy beer-battered onion rings to serve with this burger bonanza. Enjoy local craft beer pairings with your burgers, and complete the evening with a backyard BBQ classic: brownie sundaes with homemade ice cream.

Cooking Couples Vegetarian
Think healthy, think fresh, think vegetarian. Join us in an insightful celebration of innovative and delicious vegetarian dishes sure to satisfy even the most carnivorous person. Some recipes may include marinated artichokes, beet and cucumber gazpacho, pear and Stilton salad, and rhubarb raisin apricot pie with ginger ice cream.

Cooking Couples French
Nothing says romance quite like France, from the beautiful mountains of the Jura to the luscious coast of Provence. Enjoy a bounty of elegant, delicious French foods that just may trick you into believing you jetted off to Paris for the night. Recipes may include onion soup au gratin, blue cheese and walnut soufflé, potatoes dauphinoise, and crème anglaise.

Cooking Couples Italian
Influenced by many different cultures, Italian cuisine is one of the most popular the world over. Incorporating local, seasonal ingredients into the recipes, Italian cuisine varies from region to region. Enjoy a range of dishes typically found throughout the country: hearty, rib-sticking dishes from the alpine regions to vegetable-based dishes found in the south. Some recipes may include grilled eggplant and artichokes, roast chicken with lemon, fresh pasta with wild mushrooms, and tiramisu. 

Cooking Couples Thai
The magical flavor-packed cuisine of Thailand is on stage as we explore the foods of an extraordinary country, from its famed curry houses to its peasant-style dishes. Savor bold dishes like tom yum kung (hot and sour shrimp soup), spring rolls, pad Thai, and spiced beef rice. 

Cooking Couples Greek
Join us in a celebration of Greek cooking, which emphasizes seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood simply prepared with olive oil, lemon, and herbs. Create some traditional and non-traditional Greek favorites such as spanakopita, moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, shrimp in tomato sauce, and baklava with cinnamon and pistachios. 

Cooking Couples Indian
Indian cuisine maximizes flavor and aroma with toasted spices to warm up your soul. Prepare and enjoy a selection of dishes incorporating the many cooking styles and flavors of regional India. Some recipes may include mattar paneer, shrimp curry, lamb curry, scented basmati rice, aloo palak, and cucumber raita.

With a Splash of Wine

For those who enjoy discovering new wines and are eager to increase their wine IQ, CSCA offers classes that emphasize pairings and wine education in addition to hands-on cooking.

Cooking Couples Wine and Dine
Learn the basics of wine from production to grape varietals, and discover tips for storing, tasting, and reading the label. Hone your cooking skills as you prepare recipes like seared scallops, crab risotto, rack of lamb, and chocolate mousse. Enjoy and analyze course by course pairings to discover firsthand the dos and don’ts of pairing reds, whites, sparkling, and sweet wines with food.

Cooking Couples Pasta and Prosecco
Two of life’s greatest treats – pasta and prosecco! Transport yourself to Italy through the wines, pasta, and stories shared throughout the evening. Make fresh pasta by hand and create many dishes featuring different sauces and fillings to pair with Italian wines, including our favorite bubbly, at every course.

Cooking Couples Spanish Wine and Tapas
Refers to Spanish small plates enjoyed before dinner or late into the night with sangria or vermouth cocktails. The food and wine of Spain is seductive, earthy, robust, and flavorful. Enjoy a bounty of tapas (small plates) like stuffed piquillo peppers, lamb albondigas (meat balls), and salt cod fritters with regional wines from refreshing rosé to luxe sherry.


Preparing dishes for holidays can be a challenge, so we designed these classes to simplify your holiday cooking and planning, leading to a more enjoyable season. From roasting the perfect turkey, to mastering holiday cookies, our chef instructors help you plan-ahead with recipes that can be easily produced at your next family gathering, giving you more time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Cooking Couples Mardi Gras
Bring Bourbon Street to Massachusetts Avenue! Flavorful Cajun Creole cuisine dates back more than two hundred years, influenced by the French, Spanish, Native Americans, Haitians, and Africans. Enjoy recipes like shrimp remoulade, jambalaya, blackened catfish, and of course beignets.

Cooking Couples Oktoberfest
Put on your lederhosen and join us for traditional dishes from the world’s largest folk festival, best known for free-flowing brews and hearty cuisine. Some recipes include homemade bratwurst, beer and horseradish mustard sauce, Wiener schnitzel, spätzle, and apple strudel. 

Thanksgiving 101
Forget the Butterball Turkey helpline! CSCA has the answer to all your turkey questions! In this hands-on class, prepare all the fixings to make your Thanksgiving easier and more delicious than ever. Some recipes may include toast turkey with sage gravy, hearty stuffing, easy biscuits, and perfect pumpkin pie. 

Quick Holiday Appetizers
Every great host or hostess knows the trick to keeping early party arrivers out of your kitchen (and out of your way) is to place snacks and appetizers in another room. Learn to make a few of our favorites like choux puffs with gorgonzola, bacon and chutney wraps, duck spring rolls with plum dipping sauce, and grilled shrimp cocktail to keep your guests occupied.

Holiday Cookies – Just in the St. Nick of Time!
Get a head start making your holiday cookies, and this year, make them the best they’ve ever been! We know how busy it can be this time of year, so we’ve got you covered. Learn to roll, cut, decorate, and freeze these show-stopping make-ahead cookies for your holiday get together. Some recipes include stained glass cookies, chocolate peppermint cookies, cherry pistachio biscotti, and gingerbread people. 

Cooking Couples – T’was the Night before Christmas
And you’ll be the only ones stirring! With the hustle-and-bustle of constant social events, last-minute gift wrapping, and cookie baking marathons, it is easy to let the holidays slip by. This menu is filled with special occasion ingredients masterfully highlighted, so you can slow down for a special moment with your loved ones. Recipes may include buttery seared scallops with white truffle oil, roasted veal chops with a luscious Port fig sauce, and silky white chocolate crème brûlée. Just add Champagne! 

I’m Dreaming of a White Chocolate Christmas
The song “White Christmas” evokes memories of family gathering around the Christmas tree while fresh snow paints the landscape outside. Extend that dream beyond the glistening white snow with white chocolate confections and treats including scones, cake, crème brûlée, birch bûche de Noël, and snow-capped white chocolate truffles.

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