Career Services

A Future Limited Only By Your Imagination

CSCA is proud to offer lifelong placement services and career advising to all students and alumni. Whether you are just starting out, have been in the business for years and are looking to advance, or have taken some time away from the industry and are ready to dive back in—we’re here for you! Over the past 40 years we have developed contacts with countless employers in the region, as well as many around the globe. This, combined with the strength of our alumni-networking base, allows us to assist students and graduates in finding the opportunities that will fit your needs and fulfill your dreams.

Student Career Services

Upon successful completion of our Professional Programs, you will be eligible for a plethora of positions including line cook, sous chef, caterer, personal chef, and CSCA recreational instructor. Many graduates go on to quickly launch successful ventures of their own including restaurants, food delivery services, and specialty food shops.

We encourage continued utilization of our career resources and alumni network, and are always available for support and references. Our Manager of Alumni and Student Affairs is available for one-on-one counseling to review your resume, portfolio, and career trajectory. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Want to Post a Job Opening?

We welcome inquiries from local and global businesses seeking to hire CSCA graduates for specialized culinary positions. Please complete the form below, emphasizing the qualities that make your company and available position a match for our current and past students. Our Manager of Alumni and Student Affairs selects the most promising positions to share with our alumni network.