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The Professional Chef's Program

Our Educational Objectives and Philosophy

Our Professional Chef's Program offers a European approach to culinary education. The purpose of CSCA is to provide training and education for both the novice and the experienced cooking student. Classes provide an opportunity to develop one's palate (degust) in the process of learning the preparation and presentation of fine foods. Individuals not only develop culinary avenues of creative expression but come to appreciate the nuances of various ingredient combinations and techniques. The program also offers a unique insight into the culinary history, origins, and theory of food. Students learn the principles of sanitation, microbiology, food history, practical aspects of good business management, and human resource management for overall kitchen efficiency. Speed, stamina, dexterity, and a sense of food artistry are also developed during the program.

This comprehensive foundation in the culinary arts is offered in an intensive, full-time, thirty-seven week program. Since students can attend their classes three times a week, day or evening, it is possible to maintain a job while fulfilling the program requirements. The instructors are accomplished chefs who provide close supervision and encourage culinary creativity. Whether you have years of professional experience or none at all, CSCA will broaden your understanding and enhance your knowledge of food. If your career goals include working in a classical, provincial, or bistro style restaurant, our program will expose you to the changing worlds of European, French, Italian, Asian, and American cuisine.

The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts is one of only two private trade schools in Massachusetts currently licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education to train professional chefs. The School is licensed by the Massachusetts Divison of Professional Licensure - Office of Private Occupational School Education. Our goal is to furnish each student with a lifelong investment and an intense personal sense of professionalism. Upon graduation the student is ready to enter confidently and proficiently into the food industry.

Distinctive Aspects of the Professional Chef's Program

  • The Professional Chef's Program offers flexible scheduling that allows students to be employed while they are attending the program. Students are required to attend class a total of 20 hours of each week and may select from a schedule of day or evening classes or any combination thereof. The completion of the Professional Chef's Program requires 648 clock hours of study (a clock hour is defined as a 50?0 minute period of instruction time).

  • The Professional Chef's Program is designed for students in the profession and for students without any formal culinary experience.

  • A limited number of students are accepted into each program every term, which allows the School to provide personal attention to every student; the maximum lab class size is 15 students.

  • There is one chef instructor for every 15 students and an assistant instructor whenever possible.

  • The CSCA Placement Office provides students with personalized, effective job guidance and direction in finding employment.

  • Emphasis is on the theory and principles of cooking that can be applied to cooking for 10 as well as 100 people.

  • Students learn the importance of treating a recipe as a series of techniques rather than by rote memorization of ingredients and measures.

  • The student body at CSCA is international, creating an atmosphere of cultural diversity.

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